Terms of use

1) Acceptance of the terms o fuse. Every time you enter this site, you implicitly accept the terms of use and their probable modifications which will always be however shown in the site. Have a look at the law concerning privacy.

2) Our service. Entering the services of Vremar.it is completely free. You are required with a registration and the data inserted will be treated according to the terms of law.

3) Responsibility of the visitor. In order to use fully this site you must be registered inserting true informations and must have a consent to the registration.

4) Registration and password. Each user is responsible for the preservation of the secrecy of his password and for each use that is made.

5) Sites mentioned. Vremar.it could mention in its inside connections to sites operated by others. Since these sites are not under a direct control, Vremar.it cannot consider itself responsible for the content and for the level of the service of the sites mentioned, neither for the contents of the sites to which the connected sites in their turn live the connection.

6) Attempts of violation. Each attempt of violation of the system will be prosecuted to the law. It is explicitly forbidden to try to enter information reserved to other users.

7) Explicit prohibitions.

- It is absolutely forbidden to report in the contents sent to the site sentences or injurious words that can damage the others , and each reference must be authorized.
- It is forbidden to send images and/or contents of explicit sex to Vremar.it.
- The contents sent through announcements or diary pages must not have any purposes of profit.
Information as concerning privacy

As for what said by the article 13 of the law by decree dated 30/06/2003 n196 I rules concerning the protection of personal data we inform you that data inserted by you for the registration to the newsletter service will be treated electronically by Vremar Srl ,with seat in Crotone,16, Acquabona street (regular holder of the treatment of the data and also responsible for the treatment of the same data)

The data inserted by you for the registration to the news letter service will be treated with electronic instruments, at Vremar Srl and exclusively by personnel of Vremar Srl deliberately charged with occasional operations of maintenance. No data deriving from the web service will be communicated or diffused. Your data are only used to execute the service or the operativity required and are communicated to others only if necessary more precisely , after the phase of collecting the data, such data are kept in a server situated near the server farm of Vremar Srl whose technical operativity is always made by Vremar Srl.

The treated data are the following ones:

Data given by the users : e-mail address.

In particular, such informations are collected and treated by the delegated for purposes connected to receiving information newsletter via email.

As for the article n 7 of the law by decree dated 30/06/2003 N 196 you have the right , at any moment and freely , to ask information as concerning your data and the ways and purposes they are treated , to have they varied or cancelled , or to reject any further use of them , and furthermore you can have information about any activities you take part to.

You can exercise this right by writing an email to info@vremar.it addressed to the responsible of the treated of personal data.
The mission

Our company is engaged everyday on the diffusion at each hierarchic level, of a company culture, whose purpose is to reach the pre-established results passing through the respect for the professional ethics and above all the environment.

The main aims, derived from the guide lines of the "company policy" are:

  • Attention to the conformity of the company strategies;
  • Checking of all the rules strictly linked to the quality the environment and their application in the ethical and social field, consistent with the company strategies;
  • Satisfying the customers, always improving the technical knowledge , the application process of the internal auditing, the disposability in terms of innovatory services always in the respect of the rules and the applying process both in the national and international limits;
  • Always guaranteeing a collaborating status between our structure and the customer putting ourselves as interlocutors , available to reach common objectives;
  • Guaranteeing a continuous and constant professional training to all the staff, at every level;
  • Improving new services taking care of searching for innovating processes that can be shared with our customers;
  • Preferring the objectives of our customers, helping then to improve competition and performances; satisfying their necessities and wishes is a premise to fulfill, also, our objectives giving life to opportunities of involving, motivating and generating satisfaction. Our engagement, disposability and devotion to our work, make us proud and project new desired goals.